Sweet Little Luxuries Presents…

The Happy Birthday Book: A Keepsake Journal by Zakiyya Rosebelle

This wonderful keepsake journal for women comes in several beautiful designs and has about 110 pages (55 sheets). There is also a collection exclusively for girls. There are specific pages for each treasure you collect such as “movie tickets from your favorite film” and “dried wildflowers from a summertime picnic.” There is ample space for attaching each treasure with 1-2 lined pages for writing your thoughts about it. It measures approximately 5.5 inches by 8.5 inches, and gracefully fits in most purses, backpacks, and totes. The Happy Birthday Book makes a very unique, fun, and pretty present. It includes a page where you can write a message for the gift recipient.


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The Happy Birthday Book, Pink Utopia: A Keepsake Journal


The Happy Birthday Book, Candy Confetti: A Keepsake Journal for Girls


The Happy Birthday Book, Pink Princess: A Keepsake Journal for Girls



“A new year of your journey is beginning. Along the way, collect a little keepsake from your most magical moments, beautiful daydreams, and fun adventures. Save the keepsakes inside this book. The love, beauty, happiness, adventure, and fun from this year of your life will be safely preserved in this treasure book. You will smile every time you read your story and realize how beautifully you are living this year.” The Happy Birthday Book: A Keepsake Journal by Zakiyya Rosebelle


4/22/14 – Flowers & Sunshine


Dear friends,

May flowers line your path where ever it is you choose to go,

May the sun shine over you always and warm your soul during your journey,

May the hummingbirds and the trees play music for you,

May every day of your life be blessed with happiness and prosperity.

With love,

Z. R.



4/17/2-14 – Pamper Yourself

Hello beautiful,

I hope you are all having a wonderful week. Friday is just around the corner, so hang in there.  I just want to remind you all to slow down this weekend, and take out time to pamper yourself. A pedicure at home or a homemade facial can be a great way to get pampered on a budget. A haircut can also make you feel lovely. Last weekend, I got my haircut. It draped below my waist, and although I just had two inches trimmed and a bit of styling done, I felt fantastic afterwards. I have been enjoying my new haircut this entire week. A little bit of sweet, little pampering is a must from time to time. Enjoy your weekend lovely ladies, and be sure to pencil in some me-time.




4/14/14 – Good Morning

Treat Yourself To Something Sweet

Good morning lovely ladies,

Every beautiful day begins with a cup of tea and good thoughts. Start this Monday morning with positive thinking and try to develop an optimistic outlook throughout the first few hours of this Monday morning, throughout the day, and hopefully, throughout the week. If ever you catch yourself thinking thoughts or having opinions that are not positive, remind yourself once more. Let’s keep our mind pleasant so that our day may go smoothly.

Wish you all a beautiful day!




Gift Books

Hello lovely friends,

I am getting ready to release the new editions of my collection of The Happy Birthday Book! If you would like to see it in a bookstore, tearoom, or gift shop near you, please e-mail us at to provide more information.

If you are the owner of a tearoom and want to carry my gift books and keepsake journals in your gift shop, feel free to e-mail at I would be delighted to speak with you! Thank you.

Wishing you all a beautiful day!






April 7, 2014 – Making a difference with words

Every time we contribute our work to the world, a permanent, often public record of it is created. It cannot be changed or deleted. Time may progress, and we may come out with something improved, something better that we want to replace it with, but the fact is that our original output cannot be deleted from the world. Likewise, anything we say to another individual is out permanently. Although we may try to say something to MORE>>


Pretty Presents

Since I love all things cute and pretty, I try to share it with others as well. So, when I am giving a gift, there is no doubt that it has to be oozing cuteness! Here is how I gift wrapped two presents this week.

As a tea party enthusiast, I adorn many gifts with a delicate, lace doily, especially if the gift recipient loves tea.

I have to add a complimentary ribbon that gracefully holds a pretty card with a sweet note on it. And every woman deserves a beautiful rose. Accent the gift with a petite blossom.

Hope you like these.



Sweet Little Luxuries Handmade Jewelry

Sweet Little Luxuries

Handmade Jewelry

Is Exclusively Available At


Why should your jewelry be any less? We provide the everyday luxuries you deserve. Jewelry should be as special as the lady who adorns herself with it. Sweet Little Luxuries jewelry is designed to remind you how wonderful you are.

All jewelry is exclusively handmade in the U.S.A. in limited quantities so that you can have a unique piece that is truly special.

The beautiful designs and sweet affirmations by Zakiyya Rosebelle make our jewelry sweet, little, luxuries that you can enjoy every day.





March 21, 2014 – Happy Spring!

zgarden032sllHello dear friends, Happy spring! This is my favorite season. The weather is gorgeous, beautiful blossoms are in full bloom, and the air is fresh and fragrant. I love to be in the garden, sip tea in the garden, and of course, do some gardening. If you have read my book Your Adventure to Happiness, you are familiar with the chapter called “Nourishing Your Body” in which I write the following: “I would like you to start your own edible garden at home or MORE >>



Celebrate Your Marvelous Self!

KINDLOVINGWORDS_FEB2014_OPTIMISM_11Once upon a time, an amazing baby came into this world. She threw her chubby, little hands in the air and kicked her tiny feet. From this moment, she was determined to be a winner. With gentle hands, mom dusted her cheeks with baby powder like powdered sugar on a sweet confection. The little darling babbled words in the tiniest voice, but she was making the most profound statement. “Watch out world! I’m MORE >>