At my home, Sunday is the day for baking. There is something very heartwarming about staying indoors on a calm afternoon when the world is quiet and taking rest.

The air smells of vanilla, the counter is blanketed with flour and sugar, two exquisite ingredients that sweeten the world. Before long, a warm, scrumptious treat comes out of the oven much to my delight. It is greatly enjoyed with tea and company.

This Sunday, bake heart-shaped cookies for your dearest friends. Have fun decorating them. Place them in treat bags, tie with a ribbon, and add a cute Valentine’s card to it. Gift these to your favorite people.

This Sunday, I want to bake heart-shaped cookies for my dearest friends. I use a quick, basic cookie recipe to bake cookies from scratch. Instead of using a heart-shaped cookie cutter, I use my hands to form the heart if the dough is too sticky. Decorating them is the part that takes time, but it is the fun part! Instead of using icing for the top of the cookie, I like to use Ghirardelli’s white baking chocolate. I melt it over a double broiler, and I add one to two drops of Wilton rose petal pink icing color to it. Upon mixing it, I end up with a soft pink chocolate that I carefully spread over the top of the heart-shaped cookies. After they are decorated and dry, I Place them in treat bags, tie a ribbon on each one, and add a cute Valentine’s card to it. These make the sweetest, prettiest Valentine’s Day gifts.