Welcome to Sweet Little Luxuries is a women's lifestyle brand focused on creating happiness every day through a lovely lifestyle! Our goal is to illuminate sweet little luxuries that make life lovely. Life’s “Sweet Little Luxuries” are the beautiful things in life that give us joy, contentment, and true happiness. 










Whether it is a warm cup of tea on a rainy Sunday afternoon, a pair of earrings that make us sparkle, a pampering bath after a long day, or a day at the beach with loved ones under the hot summer sun, life’s sweet little luxuries are those simple pleasures that make life lovely.






Be beautiful. Feel beautiful. Live beautifully. is your pink wonderland - a charming and cheerful escape where you will find kindness, positive thoughts, and cute, eye-candy images with inspirational words and beautiful quotes that inspire you to look at life differently.

This lifestyle website explores an enchanting array of topics including fashion, beauty, interiors, tea, travel, adventures in love and the daily search for beautiful things . . . We embrace the art of positive thinking, gratitude, and self-love on our quest to discover true happiness. EXPLORE >

Sweet Little Luxuries is a San Francisco Bay Area-based women-owned business that aspires to beautify the lives of women the world over with a wonderfully unique selection of products.







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This pink wonderland shines with treasures with which you can beautify your life. We present pretty products, exclusive services, and heartwarming books to help you style a lovely life.

Our founder Zakiyya Rosebelle is dedicated to bringing you Sweet Little Luxuries full of adventure, love, kindness, beauty, happiness, whimsy, inspiration, and fun. She aspires to inspire women and girls to style a lovely life by embracing who they are, indulging in the things that bring them joy, and learning to see the magic and wonders in each day.

Zakiyya is the author and photographer of Laugh, Love, Lick Chocolate Frosting: Your Adventure to Happiness, and Your Adventure to Happiness Teen. She is the creator of The Great Collection of The Happy Birthday Book and The Happy Rosy Day Book. Zakiyya’s newest novel - A Fanciful Affair: Adventures of Love and Tea in London and Paris - is launching in 2017. DISCOVER >






Zakiyya Rosebelle is an author, entrepreneur, freelance copywriter, and a self-care coach.

She offers online coaching to help busy women—from working mothers to professionals and business owners—illuminate their daily lives through wonderful self-care plans. Her self-care plans encourage pampering one’s self, relaxation, taking time to rest and delight in things that bring one joy, and indulging one’s self in life’s sweet little luxuries.











Zakiyya is a pink-infatuated tea enthusiast. Tea time is her favorite hour of the day. She loves to plan fanciful tea parties on occasion, and she absolutely adores British tearooms and French patisseries. She enjoys traveling and experiencing afternoon tea at tea rooms the world over.