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"Milka is the leading European chocolate. Milka is delicious, smooth chocolate products made from 100% Alpine milk."


Dare to be tender.

"Get inspired by Milka and step into the world of delicate chocolate. Milka - trust you to be tender. Delicious, smooth chocolate products from 100% Alpine milk. Discover the Milka brand."


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By: Zakiyya Rosebelle

As the beautiful train ride came to a sudden halt at one of the stops on the way to Rothenburg, Germany, we hurried out to find a bite to eat before catching the next train. To our delight, sandwiches, juices, and pastries were being sold in a small shop. As my husband ordered our meal, I wandered around the convenience store next door curious about these products I had never before seen. Milka Review Sweet Little Luxuries Directory

Suddenly, my eyes were drawn to the shelves laden with purple chocolate bars labeled Milka Alpenmilch Schokolade. It was as though the purple and white cow on the wrapper was moo-ing my name. Happy as a kid in a candy store,

I grabbed a few of them before running back to the train which we almost missed. Milka was by far, the yummiest chocolate I have ever eaten; and, dare I say, I have eaten my fair share of chocolate! The chocolates are the smoothest and creamiest, with a delicate and unique flavor that sets it apart from other chocolates. If the distinct flavor of Alpine milk isn’t enough, try my most favorite flavor of them all “Trauben-Nuss” or grape nut. The deliciousness of the sweet fruits accompanied by the crunch of the nuts transports you to a happy place! Be sure to treat yourself to this sweet taste of Europe (for me, Germany), as the product is available online for those who live outside of Europe.