Here is a page from Your Adventure to Happiness: Laugh, Love, Lick Chocolate Frosting by Zakiyya Rosebelle ♥ We hope you enjoy reading this sneak peak.



By: Zakiyya Rosebelle


Most of us have a long list of goals we want to accomplish in our lifetime. Daily demands and obstacles in life compel us to bury this list somewhere so deep that it is forever forgotten. Are you supposed to wait until you are over 65 and retired to pull that list out again? Or have you lost hope in it altogether?


The best thing to do is live life in such a way that you can have happy experiences every day. Live in the moment. Experience today with your heart and soul and don’t worry about tomorrow.


Of course, this means that you must reevaluate what “happy experiences” really mean to you. “Taking a trip to Hawaii” might be changed to something more along the lines of “go for a picnic on the beach.” Hawaii can wait, but planning a picnic at a nearby beach is an opportunity for happiness that is nearby and waiting.


Here is our list of 50 happy things to experience in life. Cherish these often because they are not so far in the future, nor do they require reaching deep in your wallet.


When time comes, and life slows down, you can still pull out your original bucket list, pack your bags and get ready to sleep under the sun in Hawaii, or take pictures in front of the Eiffel Tower.


But today, seize the moment. Life is delicate and finding joy from sweet, simple things will make it worthwhile.


1. Paint a picture, no matter what your artistic ability is, and frame it. Hang it in your home, and always look at it to remind yourself that your life is like a blank canvas. You choose the colors, and the images to paint. You can create a beautiful masterpiece if that is what you envision.

2. Write a short story and share it with your friends and family. Every person has a story to tell. A goal many people have is to publish a book, but time may not be on their side. Instead of worrying about publishing a whole novel, complete a short story and let others be inspired by it.

3. Volunteer your time at a senior center. A lot of seniors are lonely and wish to talk to someone. Your presence will be very valuable to them.

4. Have a mother’s day tea party to honor all of the mothers you know.

5. Go on an adventure with your best friend. Examples: Explore a forest. Travel to a small town far away and explore the attractions there. Peek through unique, little shops and find treasures.

6. Cook a meal and take it to the homeless shelter.

7. Plan a beach bonfire. Take hot cocoa and lots of marshmallows.

8. Take a camping trip to a national park. Take very few luxuries with you and learn to live simplistically in nature.

9. Take a road trip with no specific destination. Make random stops in several cities on the way.

10. Go on a bicycle tour.

11. Go horseback riding.

12. Learn another language, whether you plan to travel or not.

13. Attend a live performance.

14. Climb a mountain.

15. Go sailing.

16. Spend a night in a historic hotel and experience the richness of the town.

17. Attend festivals that celebrate different cultures.

18. When it starts sprinkling, right before the rain, look up at the sky and feel the cold drops of water on your face.

19. Take out time to pursue your passion or hobby.

20. Spend a whole day watching all of your favorite old movies.

21. Start your own business doing something you enjoy.

22. Play strategy games like chess. Play children’s games too.

23. Watch a sunset from the hills during Summer time.

24. Plant something, nurture it, and watch it grow.

25. Feed the birds at a park, or in your own backyard.

26. Go for long walks by a lake to get fresh air and clear your mind.

27. Lose a fight to a loved one, even if you know you are right and they are wrong.

28. Rescue an animal.

29. Learn to meditate and calm your mind.

30. Have a snow fight.

31. Try a new sport. Examples: basketball, volleyball, tennis, archery, skating, kayaking, golf, bowling

32. Gift a generous gift to a child who is underprivileged.

33. Perform one kind deed every day. Examples: Wash the dishes for someone, carry someone’s grocery bags, open the door for someone, or share your lunch with your coworker.

34. Slowly sip afternoon tea and watch an old, innocent TV show.

35. Have a father’s day picnic in the park to honor all of the fathers you know.

36. If you see a bounce house jumper at a kid’s party, take off your heels and jump your socks off.

37. Take a class to learn something new. Examples: yoga, dance, sewing, knitting, beading, cake decorating, musical instruments

38. Go hiking often.

39. Bake a birthday cake for someone who does not have children or a family.

40. Visit a waterfall. Listen to it.

41. Read a book about world religions.

42. Go to a carnival. Eat cotton candy and win a teddy bear for yourself.

43. Volunteer at a hospice. If you have a hobby like beading, then take some materials with you so you can teach the patients.

44. Practice speaking the truth regardless of what the consequences may be.

45. Forgive all of those who have wronged you in the past. Forget all of your enemies.

46. Become friends with a child.

47. Come to terms with all of your pain and grievances from the past.

48. Fall in love.

49. Go stargazing.

50. Try to find a reason to be happy every day.



Life is constantly giving you opportunities of happiness. Write your own list and make several copies of it. Place one in your daily planner. Place another on the kitchen fridge. Always have a copy available so you can remind yourself to seize a happy moment. Review your list and edit it often. Things that have been experienced can be crossed out and new goals can be added. Always add more, because if you are constantly crossing out items on the list and adding new ones, smile, because this is a life well-lived. :0)