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“Sample the delights of afternoon tea with Harrods’ Heritage tea bag selection. Featuring nine varieties of our finest black and green teas, each distinct flavour is a joy to drink: a wonderful gift for tea connoisseurs.” –Harrods

Harrods Tea Review


Sweet Little Luxuries Directory | Tea Time!  

Harrods Heritage Tea Bag Selection Review

By: Zakiyya Rosebelle



WHAT IT IS:Sweet Little Luxuries Directory | Tea Time!
72 tea bags presented in a heritage tin

This collection allows you to sample a selection of Harrods finest black and green teas

8 tea bags of each: Knightsbridge Blend No. 12, Afternoon Ceylon No. 16, Georgian Blend No. 18, Empire Blend No. 34, English Breakfast No. 14, Green Tea No. 7, Earl Grey No. 42, Darjeeling No. 25, Blend 49

A luxurious presentation of fine teas whose fragrance enchants

Shopping at Harrods can satisfy even the most discerning shopper, but when she enters the tea department, she may find herself both lost and enthralled by the grand selection presented in a most tasteful setting. Surely, one may find it impossible to choose just one or two items one may have space to take back home. The Heritage Tea Bag Selection—a sweet little luxury—might be the perfect choice.

Certainly, this fine tea is one of the best gifts for the tea lover as well as for oneself. It is especially for tea connoisseurs who reminisce about afternoon tea in London. This luxury tea commands a proper tea time and is one that must be enjoyed in a beautiful porcelain tea cup alongside scones with preserves or shortbread biscuits.  


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PRICE*: $28.60