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Regular 240s pyramid tea bags
“The eighth wonder of the world!
Our cleverly designed pyramid bags give the tea leaves lots of room to move, giving you the great PG tips taste.” -PG Tips


England's No. 1 Tea

"Ever since the 1930s, the people of Britain have been sitting down for a chat over a delicious cup of PG tips. That’s a long time and a lot of tea (which is why we make sure all our tea is Rainforest Alliance certified).

PG tips is the nation’s favourite cuppa, not least because of our ingenious pyramid® bags, which act like a mini teapot, giving the leaves plenty of room to infuse. Some call them the eighth wonder of the world!"

PG Tips Tea Review


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PG Tips Black Tea Review

By: Zakiyya Rosebelle    


240 Pyramid Black Tea Bags

This tea is excellent for the devoted tea drinker to enjoy every morning or afternoon  

KEY INGREDIENTS:                
Black Tea

The pyramid-shaped tea bags contain quality black tea

Those who take black tea every morning will realize why this is England’s number one tea. Since I grew up drinking black tea and avidly consumed it every morning–and soon every afternoon—it is a challenge to get someone like myself to switch to something new. However, following my very first few sips of PG Tips tea during a visit to England, my taste for tea had forever been altered, as although this was the same quality of tea I was accustomed to drinking, there was something distinct and special about the taste. “It might taste special because I had it on vacation,” I thought to myself as I rushed to find this tea in the U.S. as soon as I returned. Maybe the pyramid-shaped tea bags are able to steep more beautifully. Whatever the reason may be, one cuppa PG Tips black tea and it may forever become a good morning sweet little luxury.

We consider this one of the world’s best black teas. Moreover, we have deemed it worthy of mention on the Sweet Little Luxuries Directory because this black tea is perfect for daily tea time, afternoon tea, and it is also a great tea for a tea party; so, be sure to give this a thought when planning a tea party. Although it is a simple black tea, it made it to our list of top tea gifts and gifts for the tea lover because of its versatility and unique taste.


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