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Miniature Tea Party Christmas Ornament

"Here is a charming ornament any miniature collector will love. There is a porcelain tea set with floral design, the cup is filled with "tea" and there is a plate piled high with rainbow macaroons. The ball is plastic and measures 2 1/2" across. The print of the tablecloth and the decals on the tea seat may vary from that pictured." -MiniHoliday








The artist behind this shop has been making miniature magic for over 30 years.

"My name is Jen and I make dollhouse miniatures. I make miniatures for holidays such as Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, Birthday, Saint Patrick's Day and more. I also make miniature food jewelry. I have recently been making lamps and chandeliers. I make shabby chic furniture. My best selling items are small scale fabrics and decals. I have been making miniatures for over 30 years and I still smile when someone falls in love with one of my creations."



Miniature Tea Party Christmas Ornament Review

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By: Zakiyya Rosebelle




A most charming ornament displaying a gorgeous, miniature porcelain tea set and macarons


Beautifully adorns a Christmas tree, a silk floral arrangement, a chandelier, and your tea party table


Plastic cover, porcelain miniature tea set


This whimsical and enchanting ornament is lovingly made with a beautiful selection of miniature teaware and scrumptiously crafted clay treats such as an assortment of colorful macarons and a scone. The plastic cover makes these look like little snow globes. The tops of the ornaments are finished with string and sweet pink bows with an ever slight shimmer.


The charm of these little ornaments is so heartwarming that we cannot help but want several of these to decorate our tea party table with. We like to hang them from the bottom of the chandelier that hangs above the table to add a touch of whimsy and enchantment to our tea party. They can be hung from some table lamps as well, or from the branches of floral arrangements that adorn the table. Regardless of where or how they are displayed, they add a lighthearted, magical touch that no other decorative item can achieve, and they are sure to captivate the hearts of your guests.tea-ornaments

These unique ornaments are sold as Christmas ornaments and would look lovely on any tree or miniature tree. Upon hanging ours from a beautifully lit tree, each precious ornament looked like a magical little snow globe showing a glimpse of an enchanted little world with a tea party for fairies.

We absolutely love these miniature tea party ornaments and believe they would make one of the best gifts for tea lovers. They are unusual, uncommon, and unbelievably adorable. These would also make a unique gift for the Christmas enthusiasts in your life, as such an ornament would add a very distinctive element to the tree. Everyone who sees these gracefully hanging from the tree wants to know where it is from. Of course, a treasure so unique must be made with love and care by someone who is passionate about bringing “a little” magical to our day; such is the goal of the artist behind MiniHoliday.


Best of Life’s Sweet Little Luxuries - Tea Party

PRICE*: $21.99

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