The Great Collection of The Happy Rosy Day Book 



The Happy Rosy Day Book: A Keepsake Gratitude Journal by Zakiyya Rosebelle

"Life is a precious journey. Along the way, collect a little keepsake from your most magical moments, beautiful blessings, and awesome adventures. Save the keepsakes inside this gratitude journal. There are gratitude exercises and fun journal prompts with specific pages for each treasure you collect such as 'theater tickets from your favorite movie' and 'dried wildflowers from a picnic or outing.' The love, beauty, happiness, adventure, and fun from this year of your life will be safely preserved in this treasure book. Write your gratitude list inside. Create your happy vision board. You will smile whenever you turn the pages of your storybook and realize that you are living another year of life beautifully."








Zakiyya Rosebelle’s “The Happy Rosy Day Book” is an innovative gratitude journal that brings fun and cheer throughout the year by encouraging you to embrace the art of positive thinking, indulge yourself in the beautiful things in life, and celebrate and love yourself! 








Adorned with chocolate-box art, uplifting words, sweet sentiments, and the same creatively wonderful journal prompts all written, designed, and created by Zakiyya Rosebelle, these gratitude journals make the most unique and magical present for the whole family and for friends of all ages. Write your message to the gift recipient on the pretty message page inside!






The Perfect Valentine

These make a fun, charming, magical Valentine's-greeting-and-gift-in-one for everyone! Write a note to the recipient on the pretty message page inside!

"Maximize teatime happiness!"

Tea time is one of the most wonderful ways of filling your life with magic. Pair this delightful moment with The Happy Rosy Day Book Keepsake Gratitude Journal. It will inspire you to spend your tea time writing and reflecting on the good things in life.


The Great Collection of The Happy Rosy Day Book by Zakiyya Rosebelle is designed to be a delightful reminder to enjoy life, practice gratitude, and record positive thoughts to document your happiness in your own storybook.




The Happy Rosy Day Book is a keepsake journal for collecting and organizing the happy rosy days, blessings, love, adventure, and magic from your life.



The Happy Rosy Day Book: A Keepsake Gratitude

Celebrate life’s wonderful little moments and blessings. Save a little happiness and magic in the pages of this keepsake gratitude journal.

"Glue theater tickets from your favorite movie here."

"Identify your glories and gifts. Circle your great qualities."

"Tape a tea bag from a tea party or delightful tea time."

"Add a piece of a map when you go on a road trip."


Experience the fun and magic of

Zakiyya Rosebelle's Great Collection of The Happy Rosy Day Book





Discover why these innovative gratitude journals are being cherished by people across the USA, UK, and Europe.

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The Great Collection of

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