By: Zakiyya Rosebelle

The little, round ball of fluff with wings appears to be a creature with all the cuteness in the world. With your eyes, you see a bird that glides through the skies and flies down in search of food. Yet, this creature is so much more than a site of wonder. It is more similar to our very self than we may think. As a child—and even in college—when I was asked what “animal” I would be if I could be any, I would promptly say “a bird.”


It’s lightweight frame and glorious feathers allow it to travel more lands than I ever will. Yet today, as I marvel at the tiny creature, I realize that we are very much the same. Yet, I am far more capable of defending myself, protecting myself, and nourishing myself. It is my job, no, it is OUR job to keep the little creatures safe, to lend them a hand when they are injured, and to share with them our extra bread, cereal, and rice.

This Valentine’s Day…

Warm the little heart of a bird. Head to the park with the cute, little people in your life and, together, you can treat the birds!