Last week, I was given a little box sealed with cupcake-printed tape. My eyes lit up immediately, because I knew that only something cute could be inside of it. I happily ripped open the box. There was a pink, princess party favor bag wrapped with colorful ribbon and a little card. A pink organza bag was hidden inside. In it, I found one of the most colorful, whimsical, and “Insanely Sweet” necklaces I have seen. It is handmade with vintage toys, floral embellishments, and shimmery new beads.


The bracelet is made with layers of chains and an assortment of beautiful charms and trinkets. I must admit, I am smitten with Insanely Sweet jewelry since then. Simply looking at the color and charm of the jewelry makes me smile.

The designer Natascha is as sweet and lovely as her jewelry. Her service is outstanding, and she ships orders promptly.

Insanely sweet jewelry will make a delightful gift for any woman who wants to wear jewelry that will allow her to connect with the sweetest, most fun memories of childhood. I hope you enjoy her designs as much as I do!