Welcome to a pink wonderland styled with sparkling treasures, whimsical touches, and sweet notes of fine black tea and French macarons. At Sweet Little Luxuries, we are passionate about living life beautifully. Our goal is to illuminate sweet little luxuries that make life lovely.

We believe that you must deliberately do things to beautify your life. We wish to bring you pretty products and heartwarming posts to help you style a lovely life.


Founder Zakiyya Rosebelle is a pink-infatuated tea enthusiast. Tea time is her favorite hour of the day. She loves to plan fanciful tea parties on occasion, and she absolutely adores tea rooms. She shares her passion for tea parties and living life beautifully at sweetlittleluxuries.com. Join her delightful Tea Club.

Zakiyya brings you sweet, little luxuries full of adventure, love, kindness, beauty, happiness, whimsy, and fun.  She is the author of several beautiful books, including Your Adventure to Happiness and Your Adventure to Happiness Teen.


SweetLittleLuxuries.com is here to add a lighthearted touch to your demanding day; so, tune in every day! May you have a delightful time here! You are welcome to express anything in your beautiful heart by emailing talk@sweetlittleluxuries.com.



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