Things to be Grateful for Every Day

Opening your eyes to the sight of comfort and home, the whisper of your breath, and the rhythm of your heart should be the reason you awaken with a feeling of gratitude every day. You were chosen to live another day. You were given the chance to enjoy the magic and wonders of this world one more day than somebody else. Every day is a gift—be grateful for each day you are blessed with.

Life’s sweet little luxuries should never be taken for granted. It is the small things that make life great. This life-changing, daily gratitude checklist can help you focus on the good things in life, recognize blessings, see magic and wonders in each day, and illuminate the beauty of your life.

Be grateful for…

Waking up today. Be grateful you woke up to live another day in this magical wonderland we call world.

Good health. Everyone has their own tests in life. Whether you have good health or are experiencing difficulties, be grateful for your heartbeat, your breath, and the senses that enable you to see, hear, touch, taste, and smell the world and its wonders.

Tea. “Tea—the sweetness of love, the fragrance of flowers, the comfort of a friend, the warmth of a hug—such great delight gingerly poured from a single pink teapot.” (The Happy Birthday Book, Tea Time: A Keepsake Gratitude Journal by Zakiyya Rosebelle)

Family. Be grateful you have a family that will always care about you. They are your allies for life.

Eyesight. You are able to marvel at the magnificence of this world.

Your glories and gifts. You are special, my dear friend, and today, you should be grateful for your skills, talents, and how amazing you are.

Kindness. Doing a good deed feels blissful and fulfilling.

Clean water. Clean drinking water is a luxury in many parts of the world.

Sunshine or rain. Sunshine warms your soul and brightens your days. Rain pours from the sky, washes the earth, and leaves a clean environment for a new day, a new beginning, and new hope.

Your parents. They introduced you to this world and everything in it while providing unconditional love, care, and support all along your journey.

Friends. Friends are flowers that add color, fragrance, and beauty to our days.

Time. Time is precious. Spend it thoughtfully.

Fashion. Draping yourself with beautiful clothing and adorning yourself with accessories is a splendid affair one has the privilege to take pleasure in daily. (The Happy Rosy Day Book, Red Polka Dot Dress: A Keepsake Gratitude Journal by Zakiyya Rosebelle)

Music. Music relaxes, soothes, excites, and entertains. It heightens emotions, enlivens dull moments, and enhances special events.

Peace. If there is peace at your doorstep, you can safely carry on with your day. If there is peace in your relationships, you are united. If there is peace in your heart, you are enlightened.

Your mind. It has the ability to think, to process information, to store memories, to solve problems. Your mind has the power to beautify your thoughts and help you develop a rosy outlook on life.

Chocolate, frosting, confections. Make life sweeter.

Challenges. Challenges make us learn and grow. Embrace them, for they have helped you become the wonderful person you are today.

Love. A bejeweled bond that ties one to another.

An eternal friend. Believe in yourself. Be your greatest friend. (The Happy Rosy Day Book, Beautiful Philosophy: A Keepsake Gratitude Journal by Zakiyya Rosebelle)

Knowledge. You have the ability to empower yourself by obtaining knowledge from books, podcasts, classes, and the Internet.

Laughter. Laughter is the song of the soul.

Wisdom. You understand the importance of making appreciation and gratitude a priority in life.

World wonderland. The world is your wonderland—much beauty and splendor exists amid Mother Nature. Take a walk, go for a hike, or play outside with children or pets to enhance your well-being.

Sunsets. Sunsets are a reminder that days will come and pass, and each day should be lived to the fullest.

Gardens. Trees, flowers, and plants decorate your world, your life, your day.

The right to be fanciful and playful. “Laugh much, play often, and enjoy many a moment of wonder.” When you enjoy yourself, you remember what you once knew so well at the age of six. The most important part of being alive is having fun. (The Happy Birthday Book, Fun in World Wonderland: A Keepsake Gratitude Journal by Zakiyya Rosebelle)

Home. Regardless of the size or type of your abode, you have a place to retire to at the end of each day, a place to call home, a place you are free—free to be yourself.

Your significant other. You mean the world to this person—the person who makes your world a better place and you a better person.

Food. Food is a scrumptious and most delightful way to enjoy life.

A long, hot shower or bath. A simple shower can be turned into a pampering experience of fragrance, warmth, and relaxation.

Books. Captivating books take us on enchanting adventures in faraway lands.

A good night’s rest. Give your body a rest so it can be at its best for another day.

Moon and stars. The moon and stars illuminate the darkness of night and tell us it is time to dream.

Your life. Be grateful for your life; and, in little ways, celebrate life every day.

The Happy Rosy Day gratitude checklist is a wonderful reminder of things to be grateful for every day. Keep one at your bedside, one on the fridge, and one on your desk at work to remind yourself to focus on the good things in your life. Learn to recognize your blessings from it. Read it to lift your spirits. At the end of each week, write your own gratitude list where you elaborate on the sweet little luxuries in your life that you are grateful for such as your favorite things, awesome adventures, your loved ones, beautiful blessings, a great meal with good company, and magical moments. A life of gratitude bestows previously unknown joys drawn from all corners of the world.

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