What is Happy Rosy Day?

A day well-lived needs not much but a cup of tea to warm your heart, a moment of peace to soothe your soul, and confectionary to sweeten the hour. –Zakiyya Rosebelle

Happy Rosy Day is celebrated every Friday. It is a day to embrace the art of positive thinking and gratitude, celebrate and love yourself, and indulge yourself in life’s sweet little luxuries.

The word “Rosy” is defined as “characterized by or tending to promote optimism.” This holiday was ultimately created for that purpose-to promote optimism, and to motivate people to try to make every Friday beautiful and wonderful.

The phrase “Happy Rosy Day” is used with a hashtag (#happyrosyday) on social media any time you are having a delightful, bright, promising, cheerful, optimistic, fun, or happy day.

Meaning of Happy Rosy Day

Happy Rosy Day was started by author and self-care coach Zakiyya Rosebelle in order to inspire people to embrace the art of positive thinking and gratitude, celebrate and love yourself, and indulge yourself in life’s sweet little luxuries. It is quickly gaining popularity across the United States, United Kingdom, and Europe along with her books and gratitude journals.

I want to start something new, something lovely. Amid the chaos in the world around us and our demanding, long weeks, I want to encourage people to dedicate at least one day every week to their contentment and joy by focusing on the good things in life, doing the little things that make one happy inside, and practicing love and kindness towards oneself. I would be so delighted if you could spread this message and of course, dedicate at least one day each week to self-love, positive thinking, and doing that which brings you joy, because you are worth it. 🙂 Invite your friends and celebrate #happyrosyday with us! -Zakiyya Rosebelle

Friday is a special day. The long work week comes to an end and wonderful possibilities await us during the week. The goal is to try to make every Friday a Happy Rosy Day. However, people can express the term “Happy Rosy Day” on any day they feel like they are having an especially great day. In fact, the hashtag #happyrosyday is used on social media any time a person is having a delightful, bright, promising, cheerful, optimistic, fun, or happy day.

Why you should celebrate Happy Rosy Day

Myriad studies about the science of positive thinking have been conducted over the years. Research from reputable sources has shown that positive thinking and optimism has many health benefits. Some health benefits that positive thinking—coupled with an overall healthy lifestyle—may provide include:

  • Lower levels of distress
  • Better coping skills during hardships and stressful times
  • Lower rates of depression
  • Greater resistance to the common cold
  • Better psychological and physical well-being
  • Better cardiovascular health
  • Increased life span

Science has been unable to find the exact relation between positive thinking and these health benefits. One theory indicates that people who have a positive outlook in life are able to cope better with stressful situations and difficult times. This reduces the harmful effects of stress on your body.

It is also believed that people who are positive and optimistic tend to live healthier lifestyles. They have a healthier diet, are committed to getting more physical activity, and don’t smoke or drink alcohol excessively. They engage in activities that have a positive effect on their well-being.

How to celebrate Happy Rosy Day – 7 Tips

Everyone celebrates Happy Rosy Day differently because everyone has a different idea of what makes them happy. In general, a moment of laughter, quality time with family or friends, an act of kindness, a day of fun, a day you feel good about yourself, or a day full of lovely things can all make a day a Happy Rosy Day.

Zakiyya Rosebelle shares seven tips on how to make a day a Happy Rosy Day. These tips are especially for Friday, but can easily be pursued on the weekend or any other day of the week.

  1. Plan to make today a Happy Rosy Day. When you wake up in the morning, plan to be happy, and tell yourself today is going to be a good day and you are going to make the most of it.
  2. Practice positive thinking. Focus on all of the good things in your life. Recognize them, appreciate them, and be grateful for them. Write about the things you are grateful and things that make you happy in The Happy Rosy Day book. If you feel a negative thought stirring up in your mind during the day, look through your book, and focus on the beautiful thoughts.
  3. Look for opportunities for an act of kindness. A kind deed can have a positive impact on you as well as the receiver, whether the deed is as small as giving someone a compliment or as big as treating someone to coffee or lunch.
  4. Fully live in the present moment. Live each moment with all your senses. See, hear, touch, taste, and smell everything around you.
  5. Practice self-love. Be your greatest friend every day. Smile at yourself when you look in the mirror and compliment yourself. If you do something incorrectly, tell yourself that it is okay and you will try harder.
  6. Pamper yourself every week. Have a relaxing, aromatic bath or treat yourself to something that makes you happy.
  7. Indulge yourself in the simple and beautiful things in life. Take a walk in a beautiful setting, have tea time, read a good book, or spend time in your garden.

Aspire to make every Friday a Happy Rosy Day—a beautiful day of optimism, fun, and delight. It will take dedication, but it will be a most lovely and rewarding part of your week. Celebrate with us, encourage your friends to join you, and share your achievement with everyone by posting #happyrosyday on social media or expressing “Happy Rosy Day!”

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