Here is a page from Your Adventure to Happiness: Laugh, Love, Lick Chocolate Frosting by Zakiyya Rosebelle ♥ We hope you enjoy reading this sneak peak.

No matter who you are, or what spiritual beliefs you have, doing good things for others can make you feel good inside. If you feel like being selfish, then be greedy for that rewarding feeling you get when you do a kind act.

It is hard to make the commitment to live life with a helpful hand always available. We can feel lazy, tired, or simply uninterested in going out of our way to put effort into a task for someone else. However, helping others can be a very fulfilling way to live life. When you think back and reflect on all of the things you have done for others, you can feel a sense of accomplishment.


Take it one day at a time. Remind yourself to do one good deed every day. It can be something as small as opening a door for someone, or as simple as smiling at someone. At the end of the night, think about how many people you helped during your day.

Here is a list of kind deeds we suggest practicing. The list can go on endlessly, because no matter how many kind things one can do, the world will always be in need of more kindness. Write your own list and share it with others to inspire them.

♥ Share your lunch with a coworker

♥ Help someone carry their bags if their hands are full

♥ Wash the dishes for someone

♥ Bake cookies for your coworkers or someone you are going to visit

♥ Make soup for someone who is sick

♥ Make a birthday cake for someone who does not have a spouse or kids

♥ Give a hug to someone who is sad

♥ Surprise someone with a box of chocolates

♥ If someone spills something, help them clean it up

♥ Invite someone over for a cup of coffee or tea and treats

♥ Tell someone they look beautiful, especially if they are wearing a new shirt or trying a new hairstyle


There are hundreds of caring things you can do for others. Always be on the lookout for an opportunity to help someone and earn a good deed.

Take the Sweet Little Luxuries challenge. Do one good thing for someone every single day for one week, and e-mail us your list at the end of the week. We will enter your name in a contest to win a lovely prize for your kindness. Whether or not you win the raffle, practicing kindness is rewarding in itself. It is very likely that people will be kind to you when you are kind to others. However, learn to help others without expecting anything in return from them.

The best feeling you can get comes from counting how many people you have helped. If you run out of fingers to count on, then give yourself a hug. –Zakiyya Rosebelle