Your Adventure to Happiness: Laugh, Love, Lick Chocolate Frosting by Zakiyya Rosebelle

Once upon a time, an amazing baby came into this world. She threw her chubby, little hands in the air and kicked her tiny feet. From this moment, she was determined to be a winner. With gentle hands, mom dusted her cheeks with baby powder like powdered sugar on a sweet confection. The little darling babbled words in the tiniest voice, but she was making the most profound statement. “Watch out world! I’m here to stay and do good things!” she exclaimed in gibberish, as bubbles blew out of her lips. As soon as she could sit up, she wished to stand up so she could get a better view of the world. It was not long before the adventurous toddler was ready to test out her feet. She curled her fingers around mom’s index finger, looked up with her big, twinkly eyes and rose up on her feet. Mom helped her take her first few steps, but as soon as her itty-bitty legs began to wobble, she quickly let go and ran off to conquer the world.

This precocious bundle of cuteness overload is you! You were born an extraordinary individual. Somewhere along the way, life’s challenges may have caused you to forget, but this is the time to learn to love yourself. This week, celebrate yourself. Instead of waiting for others to shower you with love and kindness, learn to love yourself and be kind to yourself.


You are special, my dear friend, and today, I would like you to identify all of your glories and gifts. Write them down in your journal, and start reading them every day until they are forever etched in your heart.

After you have acknowledged your glittering qualities, of which you should be proud, the hour has arrived for a celebration to be held in your honor. Having recognized your merits, you are ready to celebrate your day. What marks a special occasion in your home—a cake, an effervescent drink, a gift? Head to your local grocery store, and pick up your favorite dessert, drink, and a dozen roses. Upon returning home, be seated on your favorite chair, lick the foamy cream off the scrumptious dessert, sip the sparkling soda drink, and admire the silky roses. If someone in your family asks what the occasion is, tell them this is your day.