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Exotic Truffle Collection, 16 pieces

“Embark on a trip around the world with the Exotic Truffle Collection, our signature collection and best seller! Each purple box is hand-tied with a satin bow and includes an enclosure booklet describing the flavors and telling our unique truffle stories. A gluten-free gift!” –Vosges Chocolate


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"Vosges Haut-Chocolat’s intriguing chocolate creations are made with the finest ingredients from around the world, sourced by Founder and Chocolatier Katrina Markoff. The purple house of Vosges Haut-Chocolat and the concept of Travel the World through Chocolate were inspired by her journeys. Katrina’s fusion of indigenous spices, flowers, roots, herbs and liqueurs with premium chocolate creates a sensory experience that nurtures awareness of and appreciation for the world’s diverse cultures."

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Vosges Chocolate


Vosges Exotic Truffle Collection Review

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By: Zakiyya Rosebelle

A gorgeous gift box ornamented with 16 chocolate truffles Vosges Exotic Truffle Collection Review

This collection takes you on an extravagant chocolate journey

1 Oaxaca, 1 Chef Pascal,1 Gianduia, 1 Woolloomooloo, 1 Ambrosia, 1 Viola, 1 Absinthe, 2 Naga®, 1 Wink of the Rabbit®, 2 Black Pearl®, 2 Budapest, 1 Soul & Motown, 1 Funk & Disco Processed on equipment that also processes milk, soy, peanut, and tree nuts. Please see the Voges Chocolate website for full list of ingredients.

Unravel the satin bow adorning the gorgeous gift box and unveil the most exotic of the world of chocolate. Each truffle presents itself with perfect smoothness accompanied by its own unique garnishes that give it its unique texture, smell, and identity that will take you on a closed-eye journey of aroma and flavor.


How could wasabi possibly be an agreeable ingredient in a chocolate confection? One may wonder at this. And so, at first glance the Black Pearl chocolate truffle is both intriguing yet also slightly concerning. Still, a part of our curiosity encourages us to try it, and soon, we get lost in a closed-eye dreamy experience embarking on a flavorsome journey to the Far East. As the indulgence comes to an end, a great discovery is made. A chocolate truffle crafted with 62% cacao fine dark chocolate, the robust taste of ginger, a slight and spontaneous hint of wasabi, and a smidgen of black sesame seeds creates one of the most glorious confections!  

We believe that Vosges Chocolate is one of the most innovative chocolatiers of our time. With the Exotic Truffle Collection, they have perfectly mastered previously unimaginable, unique and creative flavor combinations that intrigue, excite, and encourage our taste buds and help us enjoy flavors which we would not typically select. The Exotic Truffle Collection—Best of Life’s Sweet Little Luxuries—has  inspired our confectionary palates to seek something new, something unusual, something exotic.  

We so dearly hoped to find a “favorite” among these high quality chocolate gems, but each one proved to be more delicious than the next. Allow us to share our experiences with you while highlighting some of the best chocolate truffle flavors we have discovered.

Viola is a simple yet sweet truffle crafted from 45% cacao deep milk chocolate. Bite into the thick chocolate shell of this truffle and your tongue is enveloped in a deep, rich, silken tapestry of chocolate. All of the truffles in this collection have this same luxuriousness. A sweet candied violet flower adorns the top of Viola.

Absinthe is a decadent truffle crafted from 62% cacao dark chocolate and cocoa powder with a potpourri of spices including Chinese star anise, fennel, and absinthe. The spices add depth and complexity to the chocolate yet it neither overpowers ones palate nor takes away from the flavor of the chocolate.

One can certainly taste the sweet Hungarian paprika blended into the 62% cacao dark chocolate of Budapest. This one brings heat to the back of the throat that enlivens one’s sense of taste.  

Crafted from 45% cacao deep milk chocolate, Soul & Motown presents an interesting flavor combination of sweet churned cultured butter ganache and Fleur de Sel sea salt.

Funk & Disco’s banana pudding flavor embellished with vanilla powder was rather nice. Crafted from 45% cacao deep milk chocolate, this truffle perfectly marries one of our favorite fruits—the sweet and humble banana—and the much-loved flavor of vanilla.

The Exotic Truffle Collection by Vosges Chocolate features some of the world’s best chocolates. Certainly, this one of life’s sweet little luxuries we should indulge ourselves in. This box of chocolates makes one of the best’s gifts for family, friends, and chocolate lovers alike, as it brings to us more than just a sweet treat. It enriches a few moments of our day by taking us on a delightful journey of aroma and flavor that encourages us to seek that which is different.   

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