DATENIGHTHave a date with prince charming (or at least the slimy, green frog that could be)? Do you want to look stunning so you can knock the frog back into the pond he hopped out of? Are you asking yourself, “What should I wear?”

Here are some outfit ideas we put together for your royal ball.

Flirty & Fun

Do you want to look a little flirty and like a lot of fun? A cute, colorful dress or skirt can be a good choice. You can try something colorful, or something that has prints. Ruffles and polka dots scream “flirt!”


Foxy & Fiery

Try a bold color like black or red if you are going for a flaming, hot look. Black looks confident, mysterious and is one of the best colors. Red is seductive, powerful, and fiery. You can wear a black dress, a red blouse, or all black and white with striking red heels.


Chic & Classy

If chic and classy is your style, you can wear any of the outfit ideas mentioned above with a hint of elegance. A cute blazer and jeans will make a chic and classy outfit.


Casual & Comfy

If you want to show your casual and comfy side on the first date, then hooray to you! Confidently wear something that makes you feel comfortable and cute. Jeans and a shirt, or a casual pullover can be great. Pull out your favorite sneakers or free-spirited flip flops.


Bad Girl Look

The bad girl look is totally in right now! From spiky shoes to leather jackets, this cool, bad girl look is being embraced by girly girls too. We suggest wearing back and completing your look with gold spike shoes or a spiky purse that screams “danger!”


We hope you find the perfect date night look for yourself. Have fun!

E-mail us questions or outfit ideas at If you need help choosing between two, cute outfits, e-mail us pictures and we will try to help you pick the best one.