Have you ever received a gorgeous bouquet of roses that you do not want to throw away? We like to enjoy our beautiful roses and then preserve them for future enjoyment by drying them. Dried roses make beautiful home decor.

Here are some pictures of red roses that have been dried. As you can see, they have maintained a lovely plum color that adds a special touch of color to the room. The white vase provides a high contrast, making the roses even more striking.




Drying roses is simple. Here is how you can do it yourself.


Materials you will need:

1. Roses that are getting old

2. Scissors

3. Clothing Hangers

4. Ribbon, twine, or string



1. Pick out the roses you want to keep when they start dying, but have not yet lost their support, unless you want drooping roses :-p

2. Grab a few clothing hangers.

4. Use the scissors to cut extra leaves and thorns off of the roses. Do this for each rose you want to dry.

5. Place the hanger on a table or flat area.

6. Lay the roses below the hanger, vertically so that the rose buds are pointing to the ground.

7. Cut pieces of string and tie the stem of the rose to the hanger.

8. When you are done tying all of the roses to the hanger, then take it in a dry, dark area and hang them.

9. Forget about them for 1-2 weeks, because they will need time to fully dry out.


When you can see that the roses are dry, remove them from the hangers very carefully. They are very delicate now. Find a pretty vase to set these roses in. Trim the stems to adjust the length so that they fit in the case. Now here comes the best part. Look for an area in your home that could use a little uplift.

You can place them on a nightstand, end table, buffet table, on your desk, or any other spot you want to brighten up. The beautiful bouquet of roses you received once long ago, are now even more beautiful and will bring you even more smiles. ūüôā