How many hair accessories, jewelry, scarves, nail polish bottles, and miscellaneous items are lying around in your house? Buying several jewelry boxes can get pricey, especially if you need large ones. Are you shoving these items in containers, drawers and boxes? This type of organization works, but stacks of plastic containers and cardboard boxes can be an unappealing sight. We want to share how to get organized the cute way, and it is especially cost-effective.




Look for cute, rigid, paper photo boxes or round hat boxes. They are sturdy boxes that are covered with decorative paper. These are available online and at many department stores. They are fairly inexpensive, but if you get it at a novelty or stationery store, then you might end up paying more than you should. You can find a large assortment of sizes, shapes, and colors to match your home or office décor. Get one for every item you need. If you find matching boxes, you can create an entire tower and neatly pile them up.

This can serve as décor. Feel free to use separate boxes for jewelry to avoid tangled and broken jewelry. Place bracelets in one box and earrings in another.




If you want to get even more organized, get small 3”x2” zip-lock bags. Prices at your local store may vary, but they usually cost less than $4 for about 50 bags. Place each pair of earrings in a separate bag and place them all inside your lovely boxes. Set them anywhere you would like since they are pretty enough to showcase. Fighting clutter the cute way is fun and easy. Searching for decorative boxes gives you an excuse to shop! 😉