Whether it is relaxing with a cup of tea or sleeping under the sun at the beach, we all have a sweet little luxury that brings us more comfort and happiness than any material thing in this world.

Find more simple pleasures to enjoy because these are the experiences you will cherish throughout your life. This Sunday afternoon, think about something you can look forward to every week. If you have a favorite television show, then set a day to watch that while eating your favorite comfort food. If you like a particular kind of coffee or tea then set a day to enjoy this little luxury as a sweet escape from everyday life.

Pull out that decadent chocolate that makes you feel guilty when you indulge in it. Plan to reward yourself with it from time to time so it truly becomes life’s sweet, little luxury.  

Talk to us and share what your sweet little luxury is. Send mail to talk@sweetlittleluxuries.com. We will submit your e-mail address for the free, monthly giveaway which is a cute, polka dot teabag wallet!