Are you going to a tea party or hosting one? Asking the age old question, what should I wear? Tea parties can be whimsical, lighthearted, cheerful, and fun!

Wear something that suits this pleasant occasion. Bright colors or sweet pastels can be a good choice. Polka dots, stripes, gingham, and other fun prints can add more whimsy to the party. If this is a theme party, you can wear colors that fit. Cute dresses, flirty skirts, or trousers are some options.



Here comes the fun part, accessorizing! Attach a sweater guard or a floral brooch onto your cardigan. Look for something with rhinestones, feathers, or a tea party theme. Wear a pretty hat if the party is outdoors. hat


When it comes to parties, we adore our food jewelry! It looks absolutely delightful and delicious. We cannot resist adorning our ring finger with a tea pot, tea cup and scrumptious pastries. A plate of gourmet cookies drape from our neck delectably! Food jewelry can be a perfect accent to your look when you go to a tea party. It will also make a great gift for the host too. It is so fun to wear that you won’t want to take it off, and it will easily become your favorite jewelry for all occasions.




Food jewelry is made with polymer clay. It is handcrafted with love and care, and this is what gives it a dainty and delicious charm. Take a look at this adorable collection of sweet, food jewelry from Go Little Dearies. You can find some really cute brooches that you can wear on your sweater, scarf, or hat.