Brighten up someone's day with a free Happy Rosy Day postcard!


Do you know someone who is going through a tough time, feeling unwell, or just in need of some extra kindness? Or perhaps you know an elderly lady living alone or a little girl having trouble with peers at school?

This holiday season, refer a family, friend, or neighbor who is in need of a little extra love and kindness, and we will try our best to mail them a free heartwarming Happy Rosy Day postcard to inspire them to smile.

Happy Rosy Day postcards are glittering with cheerfully charming images, and they are adorned with sweet, heartwarming messages of beauty and inspiration by author Zakiyya Rosebelle. Zakiyya Rosebelle started the Happy Rosy Day postcard project in order to inspire smiles, lift spirits, warm hearts, soothe souls, and to spread color, whimsy, love, friendship, optimism, and cheer to those who need it most the world over.


A wonderful message to the recipient will be beautifully handwritten on the back side of the postcard in the kindest of words.

If you want to inspire someone to smile, the Happy Rosy Day postcards are truly delightful, as they can later be framed and displayed on a desk, counter, or table where it will continue to brighten someone’s day!





Happy Rosy Day postcards are a personal project Zakiyya Rosebelle started to gift love and kindness. A percentage of proceeds from the sale of Happy Rosy Day keepsake gratitude journals keep this project going. There is an overwhelming number of requests, and this is where you can help make a difference. There are many ways you can get involved, too! Simply shop from the collection of The Happy Rosy Day Book, spread the word by sharing Happy Rosy Day picture quotes, or directly make a contribution to the Happy Rosy Day postcard project to help us make a positive impact on many more hearts by sending love, kindness, and optimism.




To refer someone for a Happy Rosy Day postcard, please e-mail and briefly tell us about the person's situation so we can craft a kind and uplifting message for this precious person.

Please note that e-mailing a referral does not guarantee that a postcard will be sent, as we receive a large number of requests and are unable to fulfill all of them. We will try our best, and you will receive an e-mail from us if we send a postcard for you. 





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