By: Zakiyya Rosebelle

Another week has passed by. Between work and a myriad of demands, time has fled faster than we dare to admit. I think a weekend adventure is due, don’t you?

A day at the park, under the sun, with food, family, friends, and fun, will certainly be a great adventure. So pull out your picnic baskets, prepare the tastiest sandwiches and the sweetest fruit juices. Give some thought to what kind of games your group can play. Try activities you don’t commonly do. For example, fly a kite, play capture the flag, have a jump rope competition, have everyone create a water color painting to capture the scenery, play board games on the grass, read adventure books out loud, or create handmade crafts




Here is an awesome idea. Let everyone run around and play until they get tired and hungry. After everyone has eaten and is comfortably full, spread out large poster boards. One person will paint something on the board to start off a story. The next person will continue the same story by adding his or her own art to it. Let the painting dry while everyone plays, and take it home and hang it so that you can get a glimpse of that cheerful day every time you see it.



Simply going to a nearby park can be a great weekend trip, for adventure lurks at every turn.