Self worth

blissNo matter who you are or where you are, you are a miracle that happened to this earth and a blessing to   your family. No matter what you have or how much you have, your life is a gift. Every moment in life is a chance of happiness. You can embrace every one of these happy moments by learning to love yourself. Living in bliss is being able to come to terms MORE >>

50 happy experiences

sllwaterfallSMMost of us have a long list of goals we want to accomplish in our lifetime. Daily demands and obstacles in life compel us to bury this list somewhere so deep that it is forever forgotten. Are you supposed to wait until you are over 65 and retired to pull that list out again? Or have you lost hope in it altogether? The best thing to do is live life in such a way that you can have happy experiences every day. Live in the moment. Experience today with your heart and MORE >>


Sunshine for the soul

sunshineforsoul This spring, get inspired by the lovely weather. Sit outside in your backyard or on the grass at a nearby park. Let the sunshine warm your soul. Take in the beauty of everything around you. Look at the vast trees, the beautiful flowers and the small creatures. You can feel a sense of serenity when you relax your senses and surround yourself with nature. Write a story or draw a picture to capture your thoughts. Take a sandwich, juice, and a friend, or a pet MORE >>



Whimsical Garden

amazonfloralplanetSpring is the perfect season for adding a whimsical look to your garden with colorful gardening tools, bright flowers, and other garden decor. Below, you will some of the items we think will add a lighthearted touch to your garden getaway. Look for repurposed items if you prefer. A fun option is to find basic items and decorate them yourself so that they will look exactly the way you want them to. A little bit of paint, glitter, ribbons, and MORE >>

Easter egg hunt in the garden


Easter is near and the kids are eager to take part in a fun egg hunt. Do you go to the local park, take your kids to their school, or skip the egg hunt? Whether you plan to go out or not, Easter egg hunts can be a great way for adults and kids to have a weekend of lighthearted fun. Organize an egg hunt in your garden and invite your neighbor’s kids so there are more people to join the fun. Feel free to invite friends and relatives as well. MORE >>


Fight clutter the cute way

clutterHow many hair accessories, jewelry, scarves, nail polish bottles, and miscellaneous items are lying around in your house? Buying several jewelry boxes can get pricey, especially if you need large ones. Are you shoving these items in containers, drawers and boxes? This type of organization works, but stacks of plastic containers and cardboard boxes can be an unappealing sight. We want to share how to get organized the cute way, MORE >>


1/10/2014 – Movie Night

Jan10_MovieNightWhile many people prefer to go out to have fun on Friday and Saturday evenings, others, myself included, prefer to skip the clamor of traffic, the hustle and bustle of a crowd, and the discomfort of a public setting. The weather is cold, the skies blacken sooner, and the comfort of the couch cradles me as I sit buried beneath a fluffy blanket, pondering how the evening should be spent. MORE>>


1/17/2014 – A Weekend Adventure

WeekendAdventure2Another week has passed by. Between work and a myriad of demands, time has fled faster than we dare to admit. I think a weekend adventure is due, don’t you? A day at the park, under the sun, with food, family, friends, and fun, will certainly be a great adventure. So pull out your picnic baskets, prepare the tastiest sandwiches and the sweetest fruit juices. Give some thought to what kind of games your group can play. Try activities you don’t commonly MORE >>



3/21/14 – Happy Spring!

zgarden032sllHello dear friends, Happy spring! This is my favorite season. The weather is gorgeous, beautiful blossoms are in full bloom, and the air is fresh and fragrant. I love to be in the garden, sip tea in the garden, and of course, do some gardening. If you have read my book Your Adventure to Happiness, you are familiar with the chapter called “Nourishing Your Body” in which I write the following: “I would like you to start your own edible garden at home or MORE >>

Find your sweet little luxury

Jan10_MovieNightWhether it is relaxing with a cup of tea or sleeping under the sun at the beach, we all have a sweet little luxury that brings us more comfort and happiness than any material thing in this world. Find more simple pleasures to enjoy because these are the experiences you will cherish throughout your life. This Sunday afternoon, think about something you can look forward to every week. If you have a favorite MORE >>


Celebrate Your Marvelous Self!


Once upon a time, an amazing baby came into this world. She threw her chubby, little hands in the air and kicked her tiny feet. From this moment, she was determined to be a winner. With gentle hands, mom dusted her cheeks with baby powder like powdered sugar on a sweet confection. The little darling babbled words in the tiniest voice, but she was making the most profound statement. “Watch out world! I’m MORE >>





CARING FOR OTHERSSLLcaring4others No matter who you are, or what spiritual beliefs you have, doing good things for others can make you feel good inside. If you feel like being selfish, then be greedy for that rewarding feeling you get when you do a kind act. It is hard to make the commitment to live life with a helpful hand always available. We can MORE >>



2/4/14 – The little heart of a bird

birdyThe little, round ball of fluff with wings appears to be a creature with all the cuteness in the world. With your eyes, you see a bird that glides through the skies and flies down in search of food. Yet, this creature is so much more than a site of wonder. It is more similar to our very self than we may think. As a child—and even in college—when I was asked what “animal” I would be if I could be any, I would promptly say “a bird.” It’s lightweight frame and glorious MORE >>


April 7, 2014 – Making a difference with words


Every time we contribute our work to the world, a permanent, often public record of it is created. It cannot be changed or deleted. Time may progress, and we may come out with something improved, something better that we want to replace it with, but the fact is that our original output cannot be deleted from the world. Likewise, anything we say to another individual is out permanently. Although we may try to say something to MORE>>