Spring is the perfect season for adding a whimsical look to your garden with colorful gardening tools, bright flowers, and other garden decor. Below, you will some of the items we think will add a lighthearted touch to your garden getaway. Look for repurposed items if you prefer. A fun option is to find basic items and decorate them yourself so that they will look exactly the way you want them to. A little bit of paint, glitter, ribbons, and embellishments can help you create your own DIY décor.


Add some floral planters or colorful ones with polka dots. There are teacup-shaped planters available at many online retailers. They can really add some charm and whimsy to your garden.




Fun, garden lanterns can add a whimsical touch your yard. You can find a floral one or something with butterflies and dragonflies. Many beautiful lanterns light up at night.



Look for a cute bird house or bird feeder with color and charm. If you have children then you can get an unfinished, wooden birdhouse that you and your children can paint together. You can also use an old teapot or teacup as a birdfeeder.

amazonbirdhouse (2)


A really unique way to add enchantment to your garden is by hanging up recycled frames. You can just use the frame alone and don’t need to place any images in the middle. Paint it pink, blue, green, or yellow. Feel free to try this with a mirror too. The mirror will reflect the gorgeous green plants and colorful blossoms in your garden. It can look really lovely when you host springtime tea parties or summertime gatherings.