Laugh, Love, Lick Chocolate Frosting!

 Your Adventure to Happiness


About the Book

"Get ready to be taken on a beautiful journey. For in this inspirational book, you are the main character, and the adventures of your life await you. Optimism is a lustrous pearl sitting atop a pink lotus flower in an emerald pond. The transcendent flower holds the precious stone you need to obtain in order to enjoy the grandeur of this most lovely world. This heartwarming book takes you on an ever so fun adventure to happiness. It helps you attain the gems that will empower you to conquer each of life’s challenges in a way that will illuminate your life and leave you glittering with contentment." -Your Adventure to Happiness: Laugh, Love, Lick Chocolate Frosting by Zakiyya Rosebelle

Our Philosophy: Laugh, Love, Lick Chocolate Frosting! Our Purpose: Inspire and uplift women and girls



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459455594855598468pinkcopyright2015sll“A joy to read. Very uplifting and

 useful for everyday. I especially loved

459459484355598468yellowcopyright2015sll the "pamper yourself" sections and the



459459455855598468bluecopyright2015sll“I have read a lot of books about

 happiness but this one actually lifted my

459459485555598468greencopyright2015sll spirits as I read through the heartwarming

 chapters. A book that I will read again and again!”


459459484355598468yellowcopyright2015sll“The book is written so that you are

the main character, and you are taken

459459455855598468bluecopyright2015sllon a very fun, hopeful journey. I started 

to appreciate each day so much more.”



459459485555598468greencopyright2015sll"An amazing book that helped

 me learn to accept and love

459455594855598468pinkcopyright2015sll myself and my life, and showed

me how to see beauty in everything."



Why did I write this book?

"It started with a dream…

A dream to touch the hearts of women and girls the world over

To encourage them to smile often

To remind them to have more fun

To inspire them to follow their dreams

To help them discover true happiness"

-Zakiyya Rosebelle





Too often, women and young girls are drowned in negative environments, lacking in positive encouragement. Zakiyya Rosebelle wishes to contribute positivity to the lives of women and girls everywhere and help them grow into all that they can be (intelligent, successful, self-loving women).

Laugh, Love, Lick Chocolate Frosting is a book that will warm her heart and soothe her soul any time she reads it. Within the pages of the book, the reader will uncover kind words, beautiful thoughts, and sweet voyages that will show her how to face life’s challenges with optimism and strength through simple and beautiful tips and practices. With words as soft and sweet as her delicate heart, the book echoes the voice of a true friend, always reminding her that she is a beautiful part of this world. This book is a treasure box full of gems that will help her recognize her capabilities and shine.








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Laugh, Love, Lick Chocolate Frosting! to empower underprivileged women and girls


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We wish to get these inspirational books in the hands of as many women and girls as we

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possibly can. Unfortunately, we alone are unable to accommodate all of the donation requests, and this is where you can make a difference.

Now, you too can lift someone’s spirits by giving them the gift of kind words, beautiful thoughts, and sweet voyages from this book of beauty and optimism. Donate a copy of the book Your Adventure to Happiness: Laugh, Love, Lick Chocolate Frosting or Your Adventure to Happiness Teen: Laugh, Love, Lick Chocolate Frosting.

Your $20 contribution will make it possible for us to provide and ship one free book to a hospice, underprivileged community center, library, school, crisis center, or mentor program where women and girls in need can have access to it.


You are also encouraged to purchase the book directly from and personally gift it to the women and girls in your community. One dollar from the sale of every inspirational book will be donated to different charities striving to empower underprivileged women and girls.






Lift someone’s spirits today!

A $20 contribution will cover the cost of delivering one book; however, you are welcome to contribute any amount listed in the options. We would like to thank you by gifting something in return for your kindness. Should you wish to contribute any other specific amount that is not listed, please contact us by e-mailing talk{at}sweetlittleluxuries{dot}com. Thank you.