What do you do for fun during your parties? What kinds of games or activities do you plan for entertaining your guests? Here is an awesome idea for ladies-only parties like bridal showers, baby showers, tea parties, and bachelorette parties. How do makeovers and a glamorous fashion show sound? It sounds awesome right?

You can purchase makeup for everyone to share or ask all of the guests to bring their own makeup. Arrange a professional makeup artist if your budget allows this, or let all of the ladies give each other make overs. It will be tons of fun either way!

Make sure there are tons of sparkly hair accessories and stunning jewelry. You can provide them, or ask your guests to come accessorized. Royal Doll Jewelry would make everyone sparkle!CherryBlossomFestivalE78EGDRSLPK



Once all of the ladies are dolled up, get a camera ready and find a stage for the fashion show. You can lay a long, red carpet or decorate a specific area that will serve as the ramp. Play upbeat music the ladies like.

Let every person do their signature catwalk and take a picture to capture the exciting, awkward, joyful or silly moment. E-mail your guests a copy of their picture so they can remember how exciting your party was. Videotaping the fashion show is another option if you like to have excellent memories of special occasions.

The glitter, glamour, laughter and fun will make your party so enjoyable!