With Valentine’s Day fading away and the beauty of Spring in the air, we are totally in love with silk flowers and roses. These roses are from Luda, a lady who is as lovely as the delicate flowers she handcrafts. We were astonished upon opening the box; each silken rose looks so real and breathtakingly beautiful! Some have clips while others have brooch pins on the back.

We came up with 20 ways to use these pretty adornments to beautify your life.

  1. Attach it to a hat.
  2. Place 2-3 of them on a cardigan or coat.
  3. Wear it in your hair.
  4. Attach it to a sash and wear it to a wedding.
  5. Pin them onto the edge of table linens.
  6. Pin it onto a purse or bag.
  7. Use these as party favors.
  8. Attach dozens of them to a canopy that drapes over your bead.
  9. Pin 4-6 of them on a decorative throw pillow.
  10. Place it on a ribbon and tie it on a gift box. z045sm
  11. Leave one on your coworker’s desk with a kind note so she smiles when she sees the surprise.
  12. Send one in the mail if you are going to send someone a greeting card.
  13. Attach it to a bracelet and wear it on your wrist.
  14. Pin them onto your coat just below the buttons to cover the buttons. Flower buttons!
  15. Attach it to a gift bag.
  16. Pin them on the bottom of a scarf so it looks like flowers are falling from the scarf.
  17. Place one ontop of a box of chocolates and treat someone to this sweet gift.
  18. Add 3 of them to a long necklace.
  19. Use these as shoe clips!
  20. Spread them out on your dressing table so they add a pretty touch of color to your room.

I hope you enjoyed reading the 20 wonderful ways you can use these silk roses to beautify your life. If you have any other creative ideas, please do share!