Pamper Yourself Everyday


Pamper yourself daily. Our weekly pamper guide can give you some ideas about how to enjoy a lovely life with sweet, little, luxuries every day. Monday: Morning Yoga & Fresh fruit smoothie – Monday is the first day of the week. The amazing weekend we had is over and it’s time to get back to work, errands, and demands. Wake up thirty minutes earlier on Monday morning and prepare yourself for this busy day. Forget about the MORE >>

Pampering Products


Here are some of the wonderful products that give us a little bit of pampering everyday! It’s not necessary to seek out a spa treatment just to relax and feel pampered. We like to treat ourselves to sweet little luxuries that pamper us regularly. This list contains some of our favorite bath and beauty products, as well as other indulgent and affordable little delights. We are always updating this list so please check back for the latest picks! MORE >>

Happy Treat Day!


Treat Yourself to Something Sweet We are approaching the middle of the week. While Wednesday is around the corner, there are still a few days left until the weekend arrives. It seems like Friday is taking forever to bless us with the freedom to unwind. How do you get through the week? Do you do anything to treat yourself for working so hard? Make this day a happy treat day! Enjoy a scrumptious pastry or slice of cake MORE >>

Dried roses for home décor

z274driedroses3Have you ever received a gorgeous bouquet of roses that you do not want to throw away? We like to enjoy our beautiful roses and then preserve them for future enjoyment by drying them. Dried roses make beautiful home decor. Here are some pictures of red roses that have been dried. As you can see, they have maintained a lovely plum color that adds a special touch of color to the room. The white vase provides a high contrast, making MORE >>

1/22/14 – A mid-week treat

happytreatdayIt’s Wednesday! Happy Treat Day! While you have gracefully completed two days of work, two more remain for you to show your sparkle. Oh, but what about rewarding yourself for everything you have done? A bit of sweetness will give you the lift you need to keep on sparkling. Why not indulge in low-fat frozen yogurt or ice-cream during your lunch break while you you sit outside and enjoy the  MORE >>

20 Ways to Adorn your Life with Roses

z047sllWith Valentine’s Day fading away and the beauty of Spring in the air, we are totally in love with silk flowers and roses. These roses are from Luda, a lady who is as lovely as the delicate flowers she handcrafts. We were astonished upon opening the box; each silken rose looks so real and breathtakingly beautiful! Some have clips while others have brooch pins on the back.We came up with 20 ways to use these pretty adornments to beautify your life. MORE >>


Gifts For Her sllgiftsforher2 What is the most beautiful gift you can give to a woman who is so beautiful that she totally deserves it? She works hard to take care of her family and make her home a happy one. She thinks about everyone else before she takes out time to pamper herself. She spends her time on this earth making the lives of those around her more comfortable and content. There is no gift that is extravagant enough to make up for all that a woman is and does. MORE >>

Chocolate Gift Basket

chocolategiftbasketWhy do we give presents? Is it to show our friendship, love, or appreciation? What gifts do you give to different people in your life on special occasions? If you are ever unsure about what to give to someone, give them something scrumptious. What is a timeless gift that everybody loves and nobody can resist? It is chocolate, of course. Spoil someone with an indulgent, chocolate gift basket (unless they are diabetic). Our chocolate gift basket idea MORE >>

Gift Ideas for Little Girls


Give the birthday girl a present fit for a princess. Here are some lovely gift ideas for little girls. You can find gorgeous, glamorous hair clips and headbands. Many selections of handmade clips are available. The prices are reasonable, considering the beautiful, unique pieces they offer. Handmade hair clips are a lovely gift option, especially because they are made with attention and care. They are not the same as mass produced hair accessories. MORE >>


2/8/14 – Bake from the Heart

valentinecookiegiftAt my home, Sunday is the day for baking. There is something very heartwarming about staying indoors on a calm afternoon when the world is quiet and taking rest. The air smells of vanilla, the counter is blanketed with flour and sugar, two exquisite ingredients that sweeten the world. Before long, a warm, scrumptious treat comes out of the oven much to my delight. It is greatly enjoyed with tea and company. This Sunday, I want to bake MORE >>



A review – Snails nail polish for children

np002We are always searching for outstanding bath and beauty products from wonderful companies. These beautiful products are sweet, little luxuries. Regardless of their simplicity and small size, they are products that make every day special. We are delighted to share our review of the free, sample, nail polish sent to us from Snails. Snails creates non-toxic, European-made nail polish for children. The nail polishes are water based, so they wash off with MORE >>


A Review – BiteMeNot

sweetlittleluxuriesThe girls at Bite Me Not sent Sweet Little Luxuries a few jewels from their latest collection that they wanted me to review. Upon opening the package I was greeted by a sweet, subtle scent of strawberry. A strawberry jam cookie ring and matching earrings were tucked inside of colorful organza bags. I squealed at the site of the cookie earrings because they look incredibly real. And then I understood why they chose “Bite Me Not Jewels” MORE >>