Why do we give presents? Is it to show our friendship, love, or appreciation? What gifts do you give to different people in your life on special occasions? If you are ever unsure about what to give to someone, give them something scrumptious. What is a timeless gift that everybody loves and nobody can resist? It is chocolate, of course. Spoil someone with an indulgent, chocolate gift basket (unless they are diabetic).

Our chocolate gift basket idea is a great treat. You will have fun shopping for these items and putting them together for a lovely presentation.

Yes, you can always buy a chocolate gift basket, but sometimes they contain things nobody likes. Putting your own gift basket together allows you to handpick all of the delicious confections you want to give. You can mix as many different brands as you would like. If you are giving this gift to someone you know very well, then you can customize the basket with their favorite chocolates.

We came up with the list below to give you some ideas of things you can put in your basket. Most of these items can be found at your local chocolatier, bakery, and grocery store. You can shop for tea, coffee, or hot chocolate online if you are looking for something specific.


Chocolate Gift Basket Goodies:

-Chocolate bar

-Chocolate truffles

-Chocolate cookies

-Chocolate biscotti

-Hot Chocolate

-Chocolate flavored tea

-Chocolate flavored coffee

-Chocolate cake pops

-Chocolate cupcake

-Chocolate donuts

-Chocolate covered nuts

-Chocolate covered pretzels

-Chocolate wafer rolls

-Chocolate covered strawberries

-Chocolate covered raisins

-Chocolate drizzled popcorn


Are you craving your own chocolate gift basket after reading that list? We know how you feel, but wait! Don’t start shopping yet. The first step is to plan what you want to buy, and how many items you want to buy altogether. Then, you need to find a basket or gift box to load these items in. Other options are tin pails, or lovely, planting pots that can be reused. What size do you need? Are you going to have a color scheme? Do you want a pretty, white basket with lots of pink ribbon? Or do you want something more elegant and decadent? How does a brown basket with gold or red ribbon sound? If you want to make the appearance of your gift basket even more beautiful, then you can purchase a few stems of silk flowers and tuck them in the basket, or onto the ribbon. Don’t forget to pick out a greeting card or attach a handwritten note.

We hope you have lots of fun with this do-it-yourself gift idea! Your chocolate gift basket will be a sweet surprise they will savor every moment of.