Easter is near and the kids are eager to take part in a fun egg hunt. Do you go to the local park, take your kids to their school, or skip the egg hunt? Whether you plan to go out or not, Easter egg hunts can be a great way for adults and kids to have a weekend of lighthearted fun.

Organize an egg hunt in your garden and invite your neighbor’s kids so there are more people to join the fun. Feel free to invite friends and relatives as well.

Hang colorful decorations and balloons in the garden to create a charming and fun setting. Partycity.com has really good prices for eggs, baskets, grass, and all kinds of decorations.

Get enough pastel-colored, fillable eggs. Fill the eggs with lots of goodies. Here are some ideas for items you can put inside:

-Sugar-free or low-sugar candy

-Dried fruit

-Dried raisins

-Cute little erasers

-Small hair clips

-Little toy cars

-Beaded bracelets

-Puzzle pieces

When all of the eggs have been found, ask the children to bring their puzzle pieces forward and work together to put the puzzle together. This will be a great activity to engage them in. It will encourage them to think, and play together.