Give the birthday girl a present fit for a princess. Here are some lovely gift ideas for little girls. You can find gorgeous, glamorous hair clips and headbands. Many selections of handmade clips are available. The prices are reasonable, considering the beautiful, unique pieces they offer. Handmade hair clips are a lovely gift option, especially because they are made with attention and care. They are not the same as mass produced hair accessories. The shop owner is usually willing to customize products based on your color and size requests. If you want to give something in addition to this gift, then consider getting a painted, wooden box, or decorative paper box. The box would serve as a lovely presentation for the gift and can be reused for hair clips.



Little girls love to dress up, have tea parties, and play with friends. A cute, little hat would make a magical gift. The birthday girl can wear your gift during her party and amuse herself with it during other celebrations. Take a look at this gorgeous teardrop hat from ItsaGirlThingetc. This online shop carries a beautiful selection of lovely hats and hair accessories. There are alligator clips on the bottom of the hat so it will stay put while your little princess giggles and prances around merrily.  The great quality and whimsy of this hat makes it an adorable gift for little girls.



A charm bracelet is a gift a girl can appreciate for many years to come. The one in the picture is the perfect, princess charm bracelet, with a crown, a mirror, slippers, and much more. You can give her something with flowers or cupcakes too. Another option is to buy a plain bracelet and add custom charms to it. If the birthday girl likes music, sports, or has particular hobbies, then try to find charms that match her interests. You can also get charms that spell out her name. Let her know that she can add charms to it whenever she wishes. You can get a beautiful jewelry box to put this charm bracelet in if you would like to.