Ice-cream party for sunny day

Tea parties are very popular for bridal showers and birthday parties. You can mix it up by throwing an ice-cream party to celebrate a special occasion too. An ice-cream party can be just as whimsical and fun as a tea party, and may even be more enjoyable during a warm, sunny day.




Although the idea of it sounds unhealthy, especially when considering parties for children, it can actually be less unhealthy if you consider these tips.

-Use sugar-free or low-fat ice-cream. You can find a great selection of flavors at your local grocery store.

-Use low-fat, frozen yogurt rather than ice-cream. A yummy alternative to ice-cream is frozen yogurt. Fat-free brands are usually available, and certain flavors have less sugar.




-Your favorite frozen yogurt or ice-cream shop could cater for your party, but it may be difficult to get a full list of ingredients for their products.

-If you opt to get your treats from the local grocery store, you may be able to choose from many more flavors. More importantly, you can compare labels of different brands and choose the best option. Look for something with the least amount of saturated fat and sugar.

-Leave high-calorie waffle cones and chocolate dipped cones off the table. Use cute or colorful ice-cream cups that will add to the fun of the party. The waffle cones in the picture are plastic. Glass cups and cute paper cups are available at many retailers.




-Place little to no candies, cookies & sugar toppings. Fill a small cup or bowl with colorful, confetti sprinkles so this is the single, sweet topping available. If your guests have a weakness for chocolate, then you can use dark chocolate chips instead.

-Provide a selection of healthy toppings like fresh berries, banana, mango, granola, or nuts.

Now, you can have fun looking for lovely decorations, and sending invitations to your lucky guests. Enjoy! :0)