We have lots of fun party ideas and gift ideas to share with you. Take a look at our charming parties to get inspired for your next celebration. We are here to share our insights with you so planning your event can be a little easier. If you need to shop for someone, check out our gift ideas to see some great finds.


Ice-cream Party


Tea parties are very popular for bridal showers and birthday parties. You can mix it up by throwing an ice-cream party to celebrate a special occasion too. An ice-cream party can be just as whimsical and fun as a tea party, and may even be more enjoyable during a warm, sunny day. Although the idea of it sounds unhealthy, especially when considering parties for children, it can actually be less unhealthy if you consider these tips. MORE >>


Makeovers & Fashion Show


What do you do for fun during your parties? What kinds of games or activities do you plan for entertaining your guests? Here is an awesome idea for ladies-only parties like bridal showers, baby showers, tea parties, and bachelorette parties. How do makeovers and a glamorous fashion show sound? It sounds awesome right? You can purchase makeup for everyone to share or ask all of the guests to bring their own makeup. MORE >>







Gifts For Her


What is the most beautiful gift you can give to a woman who is so beautiful that she totally deserves it? She works hard to take care of her family and make her home a happy one. She thinks about everyone else before she takes out time to pamper herself. She spends her time on this earth making the lives of those around her more comfortable and content. There is no gift that is extravagant enough to make up for all that a woman is and does. MORE >>


Chocolate Gift Basket

chocolategiftbasketWhy do we give presents? Is it to show our friendship, love, or appreciation? What gifts do you give to different people in your life on special occasions? If you are ever unsure about what to give to someone, give them something scrumptious. What is a timeless gift that everybody loves and nobody can resist? It is chocolate, of course. Spoil someone with an indulgent, chocolate gift basket (unless they are diabetic). Our chocolate gift basket idea MORE >>

Gift Ideas for Little Girls


Give the birthday girl a present fit for a princess. Here are some lovely gift ideas for little girls. You can find gorgeous, glamorous hair clips and headbands. Many selections of handmade clips are available. The prices are reasonable, considering the beautiful, unique pieces they offer. Handmade hair clips are a lovely gift option, especially because they are made with attention and care. They are not the same as mass produced hair accessories. MORE >>