Whether you simply choose the pink cupcake over the other ones, or are irrationally addicted to pink, this section of our website can help you shop for yourself or a friend.

During my attempt to create a pink tea room and a pink, patisserie kitchen, I stumbled upon an apparent issue; there isn’t enough pink in the world! Ever since then, I eagerly search for the beautiful pink products that are out there and present them here so that you can benefit from my restless search. I update Sweet Little Luxuries, Pink Utopia regularly so you can find links to my newest favorite things.




Sweetlittleluxuries.com has lots of information about decorating a kitchen with pink. This is one of our happiest passions. If you are thinking about having a pink theme for your kitchen, or simply want to use this pretty color to add some charm to it, Pink Utopia is a great place to find some inspirational ideas. If the color pink does not make you giggle with contentment, then you can try our ideas out with colors you prefer.

The first thing to determine is the theme you are going for. The most popular, pink kitchen themes are princess, modern, shabby chic, French patisserie, and 1950’s retro theme. Feel free to mix elements of different themes to create something that makes you smile.

Princess Pink Kitchen

Modern Pink Kitchen

French Patisserie Theme Kitchen

Shabby Chic Theme Pink Kitchen

1950’s Retro Pink Kitchen


Pink Goods

pink toaster

If you love pink then pink housewares most definitely charm your home. Were you one of the lucky ones who got hold of a pink cookware set before it got discontinued? A pink cookware set is a great find, and can make cooking so much more fun for some of us. We are always on the lookout for pink kitchenware and tabletop items. Here is a list of items that we adore! We are always updating our list, so please check back from time to time. MORE >>



At sweetlittleluxuries.com, we are very passionate about home décor. Below, you will find some awesome ways to decorate your home on a budget. We also share some of our favorite cooking and baking recipes with you.


Fight Clutter the Cute Way 


How many hair accessories, jewelry, scarves, nail polish bottles, and miscellaneous items are lying around in your house? Buying several jewelry boxes can get pricey, especially if you need large ones. Are you shoving these items in containers, drawers and boxes? This type of organization works, but stacks of plastic containers and cardboard boxes can be an unappealing sight. We want to share how to get organized the cute way MORE >>


Dried Roses for Home Decor


Have you ever received a gorgeous bouquet of roses that you do not want to throw away? We like to enjoy our beautiful roses and then preserve them for future enjoyment by drying them. Dried roses make beautiful home decor. Here are some pictures of red roses that have been dried. As you can see, they have maintained a lovely plum color that adds a special touch of color to the room. The white vase provides a high contrast  MORE >>


Whimsical Garden

amazonfloralplanetSpring is the perfect season for adding a whimsical look to your garden with colorful gardening tools, bright flowers, and other garden decor. Below, you will some of the items we think will add a lighthearted touch to your garden getaway. Look for repurposed items if you prefer. A fun option is to find basic items and decorate them yourself so that they will look exactly the way you want them to. A little bit of paint, glitter, ribbons, and MORE >>