The thought of a pink kitchen reminds us of those adorable kitchens from the 1950’s. Getting inspiration from the original source can be a great place to start. Whether you want a few retro accents or a complete retro appeal, there are tons of things you can do to achieve this theme. Watch some old movies, or look at some pictures of kitchen décor from back in the day. Check out the lovely layout, unique tile flooring, offbeat colors. Think about what color scheme you would like. A few examples are pink and white, pink and yellow, pink and baby blue, or pink and pistachio green. Do you want a pink and white checkerboard floor or a black and white one? Do you want retro style, chrome appliances? Take a shopping trip and check out appliances, hardware, and furniture options that are available. A lot of retro style décor items are available online. However, shipping can get pricey, so the first step is planning out the kind of look you want to achieve. We think a black and white checkerboard floor with pink appliances and a random pistachio green accent piece will look incredible!