If you are going for an elegant, pink princess theme kitchen, a few décor details can make your kitchen cute and classy. Wallpaper can make a very powerful statement in any room. If you really want to take your kitchen over the top, look for pink damask wallpaper or something with a French, floral design. Place embroidered dish towels and hand towels in your kitchen. You can find non-pink canisters with scroll designs on it. It is ok if these are not pink, because you will be using many other décor items to add pink everywhere. You can buy or make a custom sign that says “Princess Kitchen” and have your name added. A pink, crystal or beaded chandelier will really add a regal touch to your kitchen. If you have a small, eating area beside your kitchen, then you can hang the chandelier over the table. You can find matching pink knobs for your cabinets. Finish the look with a fluffy, pink kitchen rug.