Short Stories by Zakiyya Rosebelle


Have you ever imagined how fun a kitchen adorned with colorful accents and sweet decor would be? Would you be happier to cook?


How would you feel if you had a quaint, fanciful setting to sip afternoon tea in? Or you had a whimsical place for enjoying life’s precious moments with your children?


Styling a charming little world is my specialty!








I have learned how to create happiness every day through a lovely lifestyle and a charming little world full of delight.

I believe that you must deliberately do things to beautify your life. You must passionately try to “Design a Lovely Life.” The word “lovely” is defined as “charmingly beautiful” and “having beauty that appeals to the heart or mind as well as to the eye.”

I am constantly aspiring to style my little world (my home) and each day in it with such beauty.

This book of short stories depicts my journey to designing my own fanciful Tea in Pink Wonderland lifestyle; and, with this novel I aspire to inspire women the world over to design a lovely lifestyle and style a charming little world full of delight. 



On occasion, I share enriching tea adventures I have had the pleasure of indulging myself in whilst pursing afternoon tea the world over. Moreover, I show you several ways to begin a beautiful tradition of having monthly afternoon tea with your significant other and annual holiday tea parties with your family and friends.


Pre-order the Book

Immersed in beauty and splendor, Zakiyya Rosebelle’s Tea in Pink Wonderland is a haven of pleasure and optimism wherein you will lose yourself in the enchantment of majestic tales, the finest of photos, and the most beautiful of contemplation—each aspiring to convey the magnificence of a life deeply lived.

Tea in Pink Wonderland—a book of beautiful short stories—is destined to become a timeless classic helping women beautify their homes and their lives for generations to come!


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The Perfect Gift


Tea in Pink Wonderland the book would make a most thoughtful and heartwarming gift. It could help her create happiness every day through a lovely lifestyle and a charming little world full of delight.













Invite your friends!


Invite your friends to join the world’s loveliest tea club “Tea in Pink Wonderland” to virtually tea party with us no matter where in the world you live. Share pictures of your tea time moments, exchange tips on how to beautify your afternoon tea, show us your favorite tea cups, tea party fashion, and share your tea party pictures in our wonderland for tea lovers all over the world to delight in. Click me 























The Lifestyle

“A life of loveliness is one that commences the moment you wake up and concludes when you again retire to bed at night.” –Laugh, Love, Lick Chocolate Frosting the book

To get the Tea in Pink Wonderland Lifestyle, you must learn to live each day more beautifully and deeply, and start to celebrate yourself and the sweet little luxuries that make life lovely.







Regardless of whom you are or what your day entails, designing a lovely lifestyle requires the strategic process of thoughtfully and uniquely embellishing key moments of each day, according to “Rosebelle’s Fancifulism”—beautifying with fantastic, creative, whimsical, fancy embellishments that develop from your greatest imagination and most delightful fancies.

Once this supreme goal is achieved, you can style a charming little world so you can have a magical place to enjoy life’s precious moments, live your own fanciful tale of indulgence, or delight in sweet little experiences of luxury.





























Exclusive Services

Transform your life simply by beautifying the way you live it.

Through an exclusive online service, author and life coach Zakiyya Rosebelle gives women the world over a lifestyle makeover to help them style a lovely life and live their own beautiful everyday fairytale.

Choose from the ever so exclusive Tea in Pink Wonderland Lifestyle Design service, the Tea in Pink Wonderland interior decoration service for styling a charming little world, or inquire about virtual tea party planning services.










Lifestyle Design


Zakiyya Rosebelle will beautify your days by sprinkling a touch of sparkling pixie dust onto all of the ordinary things you typically do. Upon learning about your likes, interests, and joys, Zakiyya will study your current daily schedule, and with the strategic process of “Rosebelle’s Fancifulism,” she will meticulously design your everyday life with hopes of turning each day into a private celebration. She will show you how to live your own fanciful tale of indulgence.

The embellishments for each day will be beautifully presented to you in your very own exclusive Tea in Pink Wonderland Lifestyle Design plan—your embellished daily schedule wherein you will be reminded to take time to delight in sweet little experiences of luxury and happiness.



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Tasteful Tea Traditions

Allow us to help you begin a beautiful tradition of delighting in the niceties of a scrumptious afternoon tea, commence enjoying weekly Sunday tea time with your significant other, start a beautifully designed monthly tea club with friends, or host memorable annual holiday tea parties with family.













Interior Decoration 

Just want us to decorate a place or two in your house or apartment?

Or style your tea party or a turn a space in your home into a personal tearoom?

The Tea in Pink Wonderland interior decoration service focuses on styling a charming little world full of delight for you through space organization using your existing furniture, and beautifying your whole room with new accessories, beautiful décor, and finishing touches.








We will create a unique, custom-made plan to decorate any place in your home to make it glitter with color, beauty, and charm so that you may feel delighted there.


We specialize in French farmhouse, English country, tea time, shabby chic, picturesque, colorful, elegant, 








charming, quaint, chocolate-box, fanciful, cute, whimsical, glamorous, modern, cheerful, and sweet styles that can create happiness.

Your unique themes and favorite color schemes are welcome.

We can style your bedroom, kitchen, living room, family room, parlor, nursery, powder room, bathroom, courtyard, garden, dining room, wardrobe, office, studio, bakery or tearoom.


Should you be interested in any of the aforementioned services, please contact us for more information by e-mailing Service@SweetLittleLuxuries.com.








Limited Availability! Clients from all over the world request Zakiyya Rosebelle’s exclusive Tea in Pink Wonderland Lifestyle Design & Interior Decoration services. Although consultations are 100% online, appointment availability is not guaranteed, and you are encouraged to reserve your appointment.












We are delighted to offer gift cards for the exclusive Tea in Pink Wonderland Lifestyle Design & Interior Decoration online services.


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